The large and not so large spheres
That are found all over the world
Are ex comets.

Comets are meant to presage death and destruction
What is called the Black Plague of 1665 and 1666
And along with other disasters in that time period
Such as the burning of London in 1666
Were preceded by the Great Comet of 1664 and 1665.

Making a comet is not as hard as one might think
Prepare a cement mixture
Pour it into a round hollow container where it will harden
Charge the sphere
Release it in the upper atmosphere
And you have a comet.

If you have ill intent
Add these chemicals into the cement mixture
Hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, methane and dioxide
To sublimate down as gases onto the landscape and people
And then blame the illnesses on a mysterious bacteria
Carried by the comet from the far reaches of space.

Comet Swan is said to contain hydrogen cyanide.

And you might want to pour in some liquid nitrogen
To help disperse the elements.

And some dry ice
So that it doesn’t sublimate all at once.

Maybe that is why they refer to comets as dirty snowballs.

Charging the object is not too difficult either
Basically you need to transfer electrons
And that can be accomplished by different methods.

If you want the comet to circle around the sun
You will need to insert electrons
So that the comet is negatively charged
And will be attracted to the positively charged sun.

As the comet travels toward the sun
The outer surface or coma will glow
That is because the particles are losing electrons
And becoming ionized and positively charged.

The coma and tail become positively charged
While the nucleus remains negatively charged.

These negatively charged particles escape and form a tail
Which are repulsed and always point away from the positively charged sun.

There is no such thing as an Oort cloud at the far end of the solar system
With material from the earliest recesses of time that come together and form comets.

And comets are also not electrically partitioned from planets or moons
In a close encounter involving mega lightning processes.

Planets and moons are either hot or cold plasma.

Volcanoes are not the result of pressure of gasses
They are the result of an electrical stream of charged particles
Emanating from the Earth’s electrical grid.

When that current gets ignited to a higher charge
It pulls up the magma
And you have an erupting volcano.

The billowing magma in the ground
Is the result of underground telluric currents near the surface.

Yellowstone Park in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming has the biggest concentration of geysers anywhere in the world
These geysers are the result of smaller vertical currents that stream upward.

And just like volcanic mountains
They can be ignited
By a surge of electrical energy.

As would a hurricane or tornado
Which also have a central current of electrical energy
Only their electrical current originates from above
And is traveling across the surface.

Earthquakes and tsunamis ae easy to ignite
Just zap any desired location.

It is being emphasized the Comet Swan
With fragments of Comet Atlas dragging behind it
Will be over Yellowstone
In it’s nearest approach to the Earth on May 13.

But of course:
We are assured by the same people who claim they went to the moon
That comets have their origin billions of miles away
And their chemicals are noxious leftovers from the beginning of the universe.