The chosen areas of pyramids and temples
Made use of the earths electric field

Pyramids were built by employing electric current with the stone
To make it disaggregate and therefore more malleable

They were made with crystalline stone to store charge
An energized stone will absorb and discharge current

The dielectric core separated the charge
And ionized gases in the chambers rarified the air

Copper bronze or iron connectors in megalithic stone constructions have no structural purpose
Their placement was to provide electrical continuity between stone blocks
And to distribute charge evenly

Nobs were created to deflect discharge away from where people walked
And are positioned around doorways passageways and gates
Nobs are collector points for charge to accumulate and discharge safely

In the sacred underground vaults at Dendera
Headgear was worn which provided circuitry
Staffs of colored patterns were used to touch float currents

The purpose of the 12 chambers below the Dendera temple complex
Was to let light energy rush in and open ones heart and mind

An eternal spark of the divine presence
Produced glowing embers within
Connecting them to the power and love of the universe!