Whosoever drinketh three times of the sweet waters of the world well at the north pole
Will be whole of all manners of sickness

He that dwells there and drinketh often
Will always seem young like

The well is in a land of paradise and so is virtuous
But is surrounded by a wall of steep mountains
That are wet with moss and slippery vegetation

They rise so rudely and sharply
Causing rivers to come down from them so outrageously

And maketh such a noise
That no one cannot hear another standing next to him
Even though they cry out with their loudest voice

Precious stones drop down from the waterfalls
And they initiate a change in your energy
When you stare at them you will see visions

Turbulent rivers flow between the cliffs allowing navigation
But only by the most expert seamen
No man shall approach that place without the special grace of god

In a near isle there be feathered folk that go upon their hands
They jump from tree to tree as if they were squirrels

On another isle is the land of the pygmies
They are gentle folk of little stature of a mere 3 spans

They are talented workers of gold silver and silk
And he who passes 8 years is getting old

They are at war with the birds of that country
But if they capture one they tame it
And the domesticated heron or stork will deliver babies

Other lands have little folk who labor not
But men of our stature till the land and labor among the vines for them

Apples come in clusters of a hundred
And clusters of grapes are so big it takes 2 men to carry one

On one isle dwarfs who are a little bigger than the pygmies
Neither eat nor labor

They live off the smell of wild apples
And wherever they go they must take apples or they will die

There are fairy fruit that float flutter and sparkle with electricity
When the sun dims the plants go down into the earth

Griffins are scattered throughout the region
They scoop up large animals

We are not permitted to go to the north pole to see these wonders
Nor are we allowed to drink from the Fountain of Youth!