Eskimos in the Bering Strait
Unequivocally proclaim that in the days of the first people
There were no mountains far or near

Amerindian natives of Washington state similarly say
When the world was very young
The land was flat where the Cascades now rise

Natives around Lake Chelan in Washington state declare
Once there was no mountains or lakes in this part of the country
Only a grassy prairie with abundant animals

That the raising of the mountains was the work of the Great Spirit who shook the earth
When a huge cloud descended and hid the land

After the cloud cleared everything was changed
Where there had been a grassy plain
There was now a range of lofty mountains

Deep canyons marked the place
Where the rocks and dirt was removed to make the mountains

Because of the dragging up of marine beds
The Rockies Alps Andes and the Himalayas reached their present height
Suddenly and violently in times very recent

Whales are fossilized standing on their tail

The sinking of ocean bottoms
Most likely happened simultaneously with the uplift of mountains

We are sold the tale of miniscule change
Happening over hundreds of millions of years

Pebble by pebble moving inch by inch
From the effects of wind and water
Is said to be responsible for what we see now

And that slow convection forces
With a constant slight tug
Cause erratic boulders to perch vicariously on mountain tops

And that these same forces are able to lift huge rock formations such as the Matterhorn
From their place of origin

And leave them resting
Upon a much higher mountain!