Montauk Long Island
Is a small remote town
A place of comfort and happiness

It was named after the Montecatini Indians

It is not far from Brookhaven
And 120 miles east of New York City

There is a large remote and decommissioned
Air Force Base there

Which is now a wildlife refuge
But not open to the public

There is also a vast underground network
Where it is said is the place of
Unimaginable horrors

The Montauk Project
Was to program boys
For mind control operations

Young homeless or needy boys
Were kidnapped off the streets of New York City
Taken to Montauk
And thrown into a cement room
Where they were beaten with a metal rod

The boys were subjects of torture experiments
To split and shatter the mind
Breaking the psyche of the person
So that it can be manipulated
By installing programming

The mind pattern was fractured
Sub personalities were developed
Different from the core personality

And a code was installed that triggered
The sub personality to come forward
And take control of the body

Many died
But many of these Montauk boys
Have been put back in public
And can be activated at anytime

They are the ones involved in events
Such as the Aurora shootings

And the Pastor Tim Remmington
Assassination attempt!