Author: Bennett Ross

Who’s next?

University studies have shown fish feel pain acutely. Similar to humans. And we put a hook in their jaw, force them out of the water and deprive them of their ability to breathe. A knife is thrust into their belly and their...

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A Psychotic Addiction

Humans see oppression vividly when they’re the victim. Otherwise they have a tendency not to be very interested in the causes of others. And even contributing to the oppression if it benefits them. Now most people say they...

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No money in natural cancer cures

As more and more toxic chemicals get in our water, air, food, soil and household products the cancer rates keep going up! The highest cancer rate in the world is North America with every 1 out of 2.5 people eventually getting...

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The AIDS Scam

In the 1980’s news of this killer sex virus shocked the world. Liberace and Rock Hudson became celebrity victims. It was predicted this would spread around the world if an antidote wasn’t found. Billions each year...

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