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Yes, John Lennon is Still Alive

In Sept. of 1966 there were rumors that Paul McCartney died in a car crash. He was not seen for a couple months but all of a sudden appeared. But this new Paul even though looking similar was taller and a little older and facial features were different. And the new...

Saturn was our Former Sun and the God of Genesis

Saturn was our Former Sun and the God of Genesis

According to the Old Testament the Hebrew god Elohim created the heavens and earth which was formerly formless and void. This is the same idea in many other creation accounts. The Chinese Tao Teh Ching says Before heaven and earth formed there was a thing confusedly...

Veganism is not only essential for the well-being of all animals it is also vital for the spiritual and physical health of humans. It is a necessary element in the advancement of human consciousness. With this in mind it is an easy step to take!

-Bennett Ross

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2021 Cosmic Commentaries of the Week #71

God is a machine Our universe is a system being pumped out by a device That someone invented It takes consciousness and physical material existence Along with etheric energetic abstract spiritual reality And stitches them together It prints them like a sewing machine...

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2021 Cosmic Commentaries of the Week #70

The vaccinated will be a clear and present danger To the unvaccinated An attenuated amount of SARS CO2 Is injected via the vaccine While the immune system Is being overwhelmed By synthetic proteins and enzymes Usually viral mutations are weaker But this designer virus...

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2021 Cosmic Commentaries of the Week #67

DNA infiltration among Illuminati families Is known as the family disease They live in fear of it Because they know once it is activated They will be taken over They are caught in a world Of constant ritual and ceremony Designed specifically to activate their...

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2021 Cosmic Commentaries of the Week #66

In the lower 4th dimension Between the 3rd and 4th densities There are hidden spaces It is here that reptilian And other manipulating entities Exist just outside the frequency range of our senses And police our vibrational prison matrix Keeping us addicted and...

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2021 Cosmic Commentaries of the Week #64

Your entire history and personal information Is already contained in the Blockchain The Mark of the Beast Which is the quantum dots in the vaccine Allows access to the Blockchain When the 5G switch is thrown It has all your medical and vaccination history It will be...

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2021 Cosmic Commentaries of the Week #60

The 88 constellations are the brightest stars But they are just holographic projections There are plasma frequency and sound weapons Which liquify matter The snow that fell in Texas Was flammable The Covid test Is to test for nanoparticles That is why they swab so far...

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