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Yes, John Lennon is Still Alive

In Sept. of 1966 there were rumors that Paul McCartney died in a car crash. He was not seen for a couple months but all of a sudden appeared. But this new Paul even though looking similar was taller and a little older and facial features were different. And the new...

Saturn was our Former Sun and the God of Genesis

Saturn was our Former Sun and the God of Genesis

According to the Old Testament the Hebrew god Elohim created the heavens and earth which was formerly formless and void. This is the same idea in many other creation accounts. The Chinese Tao Teh Ching says Before heaven and earth formed there was a thing confusedly...

Veganism is not only essential for the well-being of all animals it is also vital for the spiritual and physical health of humans. It is a necessary element in the advancement of human consciousness. With this in mind it is an easy step to take!

-Bennett Ross

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 1-14-20 #14

The Dinosaur hoax is way out of hand. It has been claimed that a 180 ton dinosaur about 30 times bigger than the African elephant has been found which has been named the Ultrasaur. This one tops the previous scam dinosaur the 80 ton Seismosaurus by 100 tons. And both...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 1-13-20 #13

The elite have already written down what will be in the history books and are just seeing it through. That Iran attacked our aircraft carriers and then blocked the Straits of Hormuz causing gas prices to soar which hurt our economy forcing the President to declare war...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 1-12-20 # 12

The Colosseum in Rome had nothing to do with Christians and Lions. It was a huge aqueduct which was magnetized with an extensive amount of iron creating a charge that energized the water giving the Romans vitality and optimum health. It was in operation until 1530 and...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 1-9-20 #9

Your subconscious mind has connections to your present, past and future which your conscious mind does not and will unveil it's secrets to your conscious mind in your dreams via symbols which are your conscious mind's connections.

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 1-7-20 #7

When you eat a hamburger you not only eat the muscles and tendons you eat the blood, urine, feces, intestines, inner organs and whatever else gets chopped up in the mix. Along with that the cow has to be electrically prodded down the gate and into the slaughterhouse...

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30 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself!

1) Did you know the human body is not able to survive high frequency radiation over long periods of time such as emitted by 5G technology and LED lights and it is intentional slow kill? 2) Are you aware that smart node technology is now being put on street lights and...

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