Over 7,000 skeletons with elongated skulls were found in an underground complex on the island of Malta. In 1902 construction workers found the entrance. It was kept secret for awhile but eventually word got out.

These megalithic chambers now known as the hypogeum were built in a hill overlooking the Marsa which is a harbor area with a small river flowing in it. Originally there was a temple complex above ground also. It was built into solid rock much like the Ellora caves in India, the Serapeum in Egypt – with those 70 ton rectangular shaped stone boxes in niches, Lalibela in Ethiopia- with the “subterranean churches” and the below the surface cities of Derinkuyu and Ozkonak in Turkey. These all defy our architectural abilities of today.

The hypogeum was built with incredible acoustic capabilities reverberating in a rhythm similar to a heartbeat. The builders obviously had technology which not only encompassed great engineering feats but was able to transpose the human psyche into higher states of consciousness.

Another hypogeum has recently been discovered also with skeletons possessing elongated skulls on Malta. These humanoid skeletons have also been found in Peru, Bolivia, and Costa Rica. Tribal people around the world such as the Flathead Indians of Montana artificially shaped their heads in a similar fashion by wedging the heads of their infants.

A race of small to medium sized humanoids with elongated skulls does not fit into any present day theology or history. Why were these people murdered and buried in their underground chambers? The chambers were then sealed off to prevent detection. And why hundreds of years later were these skeletons then confiscated from museums much like the skeletons of the race of giants that were taken as well as the skeletons of little 3 feet tall elf-like people discovered in ancient cemeteries in Tennessee.

These “different humans” are still with us – just not in this realm right now. And maybe they are now reincarnating but in modern human form.