What? A submerged city near Cuba! In about a half mile deep water! With pyramids and megalithic buildings! Sounds incredible but there it is. But there are many others – off of Yonaguni in Japan, Portugal, Spain and all around the Mediterranean. India and the South Pacific etc. How did this happen? The Earth is a charged body with a plasma core. When engulfed in a discharge from a near-by Brown dwarf star, electrons will rush to the surface to counteract the charge imbalance. This will greatly effect land masses and they will rise and fall according to the impact of the new plasmatic influx.

Ancient god

This is what is responsible for the Atlantis and Lemuria legends. When Saturn and it’s family of moons – which included the Earth – breeched the heliosphere of the Sun there were tremendous charge exchanges. As this intruding Saturnian system was captured it was electrically drawn toward the sun. But also there must have been havoc as it passed through the newly discovered Kuiper Belt which is much larger than the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. Then there are the gas giant planets – Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter. There is a reason why Uranus is knocked over – tilted on it’s side. An encounter with Saturn maybe?

As the new family took it’s position into what is now the Asteroid Belt it entered a relatively stable phase known in mythology as the Golden Age.

Earth became lined up with Mars, Venus, and Saturn. These 3 planets interacting with each other seemed to have a mind of their own and were deemed gods and were thought of as a Holy Trinity.

Imagine the terror which the ancients experienced as they encountered all this celestial phenomena which caused some land masses to sink and others become uplifted. Darkness, intense electrical storms of unimaginable size, flooding of oceans onto land – caused by a sudden temporary braking of the Earths’ diurnal motion – also took place. These catastrophes are the reason why the ancient technology of pyramid building does not exist today. And why many of these architectural wonders sit silent beneath the ocean water!